YT bath toy

We are often guilty of spoiling our kids with buying expensive toys or simply too many toys to compensate for less time spent with them or maybe just to satisfy our shopping urge.  These toys often do not last their interest for more than 3 days.  The next thing you see is your child kicking some round object lying on the floor or swinging a torchlight by its string.  Then you start to wonder where is the $50 toy you bought 2 days ago.

Here is a list of simple fun and entertaining toys that I find kids love. Best part is they are cheap fun!  And yes, all the expensive “i-“s and screen type gadgets do not make into this list.

1. Balls
Balls of all sizes are bound to keep your kids entertained.  Bring them along whenever you go to a park or places with considerable space.  There are so many games to play with a ball.  Dribbling, kicking, passing around, bouncing off a wall, heading, spinning on a finger tip, spinning on the floor, rolling, the ideas are endless.  It is best for children’s party too.

2. Balloons
Balloons are fun for kids.  The little ones love to hit the balloons and see if they can maintain them in the air for as long as possible. They are great for parties too.  You can always end the party with a game of bursting the most number of balloons.  Just be sure there are no little ones who fear loud sounds.

3. Water
Water is always fun.  If you do not have a bathtub, get an inflatable rubber pool and put it in the balcony or middle of the kitchen (yes kitchen! we have small apartments in this part of the world, no private gardens here), add in some bowls, leaking containers, bottles, colourful balls and you’ll be sure the kids will be entertained for hours.

4. Bubbles
Blowing bubbles is sure to attract most kids, even babies to the bubbling source.  Bring the bubble bottle or the handheld bubbling gun to the playground. It’s a fast and sure way to know other parents in the neighbourhood.  Ehh, probably dads will like this more.. to know other yummy mummies…

5. Bottles 
Unbreakable bottles of any shapes and sizes create endless fun too.  Put in some grains like rice or green beans, and you are off to a musical show-off.  They can be great bathtub toys!  Baby YT loves them when the bottle mouth bubbles when I put it under water and then pour out the water from a height.  Show off your creativity by using bottles to make bottle animals like what Mister Maker teaches.  Paint a bottle, stick some gluey eyes and hands, you have your little bottle animal!

6. Papers
Papers, on its own, or coupled with colour pencils, scissors and glue, are certainly time-killer for kids. Teach your kids origami or have a little competition to see whose folded planes soar the furthest and longest.  Add some stencils to make colouring fun.

Do you have more ideas on simple fun toys / games??  Leave a reply in the comment box!