Singapore celebrates her 48th birthday on 9 August.  Every August is a full month of celebration for Singapore’s Birthday.  Everywhere is full of buzz and almost everything is themed in red and white which are the colours on the nation’s flag.  You can see banners on the streets wishing Singapore a happy birthday.  We have Singapore flags that line along the roads and flags that are hung outside many household units.  TV commercials play Singapore National Day songs.  Shopping malls are full of sales to ride on the celebration mood. In schools, the students are taught national day songs and art lessons topic revolves around the Singapore birthday theme too.

My girl, XX and boy, YH are also much caught up in the nation’s birthday celebration mood. And it’s no wonder!  How can anyone not be?  Here are their “masterpieces” dedicating to our dear nation.

XX's masterpiece

XX’s masterpiece

YH’s masterpiece

I am very happy that my kids take an interest in the nation’s celebration.  Patriotism is built from young.  Although Singapore is a young nation and yet to have a rich history and deep culture, it had come a long way of nation building.  Being a Singaporean, I am proud of the Singapore story.  No matter what may come in the future as my kids grow up in a globalized world, I would wish that they will be proud to be the true born and bred Singaporeans, and proud to call Singapore their HOME.

Baby YT waving the Singapore flag excitedly!

Baby YT waving the Singapore flag excitedly!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!