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Wow! I can’t believe I have finally decided on starting a facebook page for Kids “R” Simple!

It’s already 2am in Singapore time and I am trying to fight off sleep and endure my heavy eyelids while containing my excitement!  I really do like to give a shout out to share my joy that I am bringing my parenting blog to a new level!

Firstly, I really would like to thank my readers who have been following me through in all my blog posts! You have been wonderful in leaving lovely comments, sharing your experiences and allowing me to gain insights to many, many tips on parenting and anything. I have also learnt so much more in reading your blogs and many other great blogs out there.  And I really hope all of you have been enjoying my shares on parenting thoughts.

I really do wish to reach the stars or rather over the moon tonight and many other nights if you would click that facebook button on the right hand side of my blog.  I actually do feel shy in this simple request. But, I really need your support!

Thank you everyone! Stay tune to more of my posts on Kids “R” Simple!

Simple Mum (Christy)