Beautiful scene looking out of the plane

In the days running up to my business trip, XX was really upset. I had done all I could do (read here for all the things I tried to do to comfort my kids prior to the trip) to make my absence easier for her but it does not seem to work for her. As my travel date got nearer, she was almost tearing everyday, chanting “I don’t want mummy to travel”, it really broke my heart.

What can I say to her except to tell her that I have to go and will be back very soon? It didn’t help that this trip coincides with 3 events on the same week!

I missed the lantern festival celebration in XX’s school.  Next, I missed a blogging invite to make really cute bentos with my kids. They would have such an enjoyable time at the bento making session. And lastly, I missed our wedding anniversary. I would be half the globe away and 12 hours behind Kel. We would celebrate through Skype.

I concluded in the end that the most terrible part is the pre-travel period. I believe once I got out of the house, the separation anxiety would subside.

It’s funny that YH has not much reaction. What a big contrast to XX! XX even accused him of not loving me with such indifference attitude! Maybe it’s a boy’s thing not to be so emotionally delicate but my boy can be really sensitive and babyish at times! So, his indifference surprised me.

Both kids had been drawing and writing miss you notes to me prior to my travel. It touches me very much. I hope they feel better translating their feelings into pictures and words to me. Here are some of their lovely notes to me.

Lovely letters from my babes... they really touch my heart

Lovely letters from my babes… they really touch my heart

They continue to write these notes for the days I am away. I promised I will do the same. I brought some lovely letters and DIY envelopes with me. (These are printables from picklebums. She has many cute and sweet printables. You should visit her blog.)
Letters to my babes

Letters to my babes

I penned this blog post on my 20+ hours flight to the United States. Looking out of the airplane window into the beautiful Horizon, I really miss my children and Kel. Every picture I take, I think about showing it to my kids. Every little thing that I learnt in travelling alone for the first time, I want to share with my kids. I even want to share my fear in all the things that I may encounter alone in a faraway and foreign place. It’s scary to think of possible missed connecting flights, how I will get to my hotel, staying alone in the hotel room and getting around for dinners and some shopping.

My flight to the US

My flight to the US

It is a challenge for me to do all these by myself. I appreciate this chance to test my independence and survival skills. Like what my best friend told me, it would be a good experience to bring back advice for the kids when they will need to travel alone for the first time in future.

The trip came at a good time when I needed a short break from taking care of my kids. Every now and then, mothers should have some rest to recharge and let absence makes the heart grow fonder. You will go back to your kids loving them more and observe things you may not have seen before. Everyday mundane schedule can blind one’s observation to small details. I feel an occassional break can open your eyes in a different light and open your heart to feel in a different way.

This trip has just started while I am writing these words. I can already share what I have learnt enough to put up a blog post.

Good luck to myself for the rest of the travel!

(This post was written last week during my adventurous 1 week travel… What I had feared most all came happening to me.. with flight delays, missed connecting flight, hurricane and flood! What luck I had!)