I have never sent my kids to academic enrichment classes before. However, I had once let XX join a 3-day Math holiday camp during a school holiday period because I did not want her to waste her time at home doing nothing much. Also, I believe holiday camps are fun and kids are bound to enjoy the learning-through-play camps. When YH had the opportunity to attend KidStartNow’s story-telling themed Chinese enrichment holiday camp, I was really happy and excited for him.  I knew he would enjoy the many activities in the camp as what was written in the brochure that promised to be full of fun!

The theme of the holiday camp is Underwater World Adventure, which kept me thinking on how they nurture Chinese using such a theme. Before the day of the camp, YH received this invitation!

Invitation card

On the first day, I took YH to the class. He was greeted warmly by the Chinese teacher, Hong Mei 老师, who already knew his name through my registration with the enrichment centre. That helps to break the ice quickly between YH and her. Hong Mei 老师 spoke to the kids in Chinese, never once used an English word even though some kids spoke to her in English. YH is perfectly fine with Chinese as our main language used at home is Chinese. At first, upon seeing the other kids were rather young, I was worried that YH would feel out of place and find the class boring. This class was for 3-6 years old. I am sure every parent will know that a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old are very different in terms of maturity. However, I realized that my fears were unfounded as the class progressed.

At first, Hong Mei 老师 asked YH to choose a cap in the shape of either a fish or a crab. That brightened YH’s face. YH chose a crab cap.

Underwater World

Then as all the kids arrived, they entered a room with many underwater themed decorations and props. There was a monitor which had a digital reward system that showed how many gold coins were awarded under each kid’s name. Whenever, the kids participated and answered correctly, Hong Mei 老师 would enter into her ipad and the coin level would increase. No one was penalized for wrong answers. This reward system had motivated the kids to respond eagerly and after every participation or quiz, they kept their eyes on the monitor to see how much coins they had earned. YH loved this very much and he tried to raise his hands to answer each and every question. He and other kids participated eagerly and I think this is a clever system to get the kids talking and participating in Chinese with an element of fun!

Holiday Camp 1Holiday Camp 2Holiday Camp 3

We, parents, meanwhile could view all the class on-goings in a monitor screen at the waiting area while waiting for our kids to finish their lessons. Isn’t this such a considerate arrangement?!

I find that KidStartNow’s class structure focused very much in fun learning in Chinese. They know that kids nowadays dislike Chinese and have low confidence in speaking it. Hence, they structure the lessons with a story theme to entice kids’ interest first, then they focus in building their confidence in the Chinese language by engaging them in games, role plays, and active participation with the rewards system. They really aim to create as much speaking opportunities as possible for the kids to get them using the Chinese language. The kids may not know it, but they start to speak Chinese with more confidence and their interest in Chinese get cultivated. Interest in a subject is key to learning the subject well.

Even though YH only participated in 4 days of holiday camp, his feedback after each lesson was positive. In addition, my observation of the on-going lessons convinced me that this enrichment programme is different from many rote-learning methods in other centres. I would highly recommend to parents with kids of age 3-6 for a fun learning experience to start off their interest in learning Chinese.

If you are thinking of cultivating your kids’ interest in Chinese, read this brochure for an introduction on the lesson structure:



More details can be found here:

Nursery classes: http://www.kidstartnow.com/special-offers/nursery

Then, now for the GIVEAWAY!! KidStartNow is very generous in giving away a COMPLIMENTARY TERM OF CLASSES to ONE reader! That’s equivalent to 3 months of lessons and it’s worth $450!!

I think that’s really, really sweet of them to let me share a good programme with my readers!

You can choose from one of the 3 classes here depending on your child’s age:

N2: Sun (9:00 – 10:30am)

K1: Sat (11:15 – 1:00pm)

K2: Sat (9:00 – 10:45am)

Now, if you read from the brochure above, the classes would have started by the time my giveaway ends, it’s partly my fault for posting this review so late as I was really busy with the December whirlwind of activities! However, DO NOT WORRY! KidStartNow has a complimentary revision class on every Wednesday afternoon (1 hour), subject to prior booking and is first come first served. They have told me that the winner can join the class from the second or third lesson and join the revision classes to catch up. Wow! Such flexibility, I thought this is really something that I have not heard of from other enrichment centres.

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Good Luck!

Disclosure: YH enjoyed his Holiday Camp very much with compliments of KidStartNow in December. Many thanks to KidStartNow for giving away this complimentary term classes to one of my lucky readers. I am sure kids will enjoy their fun lessons if you do enrol with them. And of course, all opinions here can’t be anyone else’s, they have to belong to me copyrighted!! Enjoy!