I enjoy spending time with my mum. We have endless things to talk about even though we meet almost everyday. However, I find myself taking leave from work to pamper myself for spa time, meet up with friends, go shopping and realized that I have never really dated my mum before. I wanted to bring my mum out to pamper her. So Mother’s Day was a good excuse to date her. My first thoughts were where to bring her to? I wanted to bring her to a nice place to eat and chat. It has to be a peaceful cafe with decent food. And then, Food for Thought came to my mind without much thought really. I first read about it on one of my favourite travel cum family blog – And Three to go. She came to Singapore and recommended this cafe in the serenity of Singapore Botanic Gardens. Funny that I know this cafe from a tourist. Well, actually there is much to learn from tourists as they tend to go to places where locals seldom go to. I wouldn’t say this cafe is not popular with locals. Instead it has been in Singapore Botanic Gardens since Dec 2012. It’s me, I have been living in the mountain holey for a long time.





Food for Thought is located at a basement carpark. If I never remember wrongly, it used to be a food court which never see much crowd or at least the times when I went were never crowded. To come to this place, we took a cab and we told the cab driver to go to Tanglin Gate entrance to the Singapore Botanic Gardens which is opposite the Gleneagles Hospital. You have to specify Tanglin Gate or near Orchard Road side of the gardens because Singapore Botanic Gardens is really BIG! You cannot take the mrt to this cafe as you will have to walk a long long way since the mrt is on the far end of the gardens. Otherwise it is fairly easy to go by cab or car.

We went on a Monday morning and it was already a third filled with morning joggers, expat mums with strollers and we even saw a bride and groom, probably taking a rest from their bridal shoot.

The cafe has a high ceiling due to being located in a basement carpark. We like the decorations and the relax ambience. The tables and chairs were of different heights and types catering for different diners’ preference. I would have chosen the high tables but my mum took the low one. Easier for her.

My Mum :)

My Mum 🙂


FFT Ceiling deco

FFT Ceiling deco

There is a small playground for young children to play just beside the cafe. The cafe has full glass walls so parents can see their children in full view.

FFT Playground

FFT Playground 2

My mum had a Basic breakfast which has scrambled eggs, bacon and a delicious thick toast. I ordered Two pancakes with dark chocolate and raspberries toppings (one of their bestsellers). The food are reasonably priced and is decent to our taste buds. But the pancakes were too sweet for my liking and too big portion for me to finish. Would be better to share among a family or with friends.

FFT breakfast

Basic Breakfast: Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, really THICK Toast, cost $8

FFT pancakes

Two Pancakes Dark chocolate and Raspberries – cost $13


It seems that the owner for Food for Thought chose the cafe locations with much thoughts indeed. Just the thought of dining in the Botanic Gardens soothes your soul and naturally you feel at ease when you know you are being surrounded by nature. The other 2 branches are located in the National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Art Museum. These places give you an arty classy feel. I would most likely bring the kids to visit this cafe again during the June school holidays when Children’s Seasons comes around. Children’s Seasons is an annual line-up of children’s activities to let them appreciate the arts and museums. I would highly recommend to go if you have young kids below age of 12. Click here to find out more.


Food for Thought
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 8am to 9pm
Location: Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1 Cluny Road, Tanglin Gate (Opp Gleneagles Hospital),
1 Cluny Road, Basement carpark S(259569)
Tel: 6471 7361
Website: http://www.foodforthought.com.sg/

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review, but I have got to recommend this place as my personal top cafe to bring mums and family to 🙂