You have read my blog. Read other people’s blogs. You wonder how I blog as a FTWM. And wonder what goes on before a post is up. Today I am going to take you to behind the scenes of me as a blogger. Enjoy peeking once again!

Before that, let me introduce this as a Writing Process Blog Hop that is famously making its round in the international blogosphere. I am tagged by Summer from A Happy Mum and then later on by Meiling from Universal Scribbles. I have to answer 4 questions on this topic. At the end of the post, I have to tag 2 bloggers and that’s how it works. A little about Summer and Meiling here.

I know Summer for as long as she was officially Kel’s younger brother’s girlfriend. She is my sister-in-law and we have never thought that we will end up closer as bloggers in the same family. She has 2 cutie girls and had followed her hubby to Sweden to stay for close to 5 years? She’s now back in Singapore with the whole family and is an awesome mum blogger who blogs with her heart. I enjoy reading her posts as I can tell she blogs sincerely and one can be infected by her family bliss. Check out her blog here.


I know Meiling from the Singapore Mom Bloggers and the SMB Blogger Event was the first time I met her. She was in my committee, a very helpful and friendly person. I love her blog as she blogs about being a woman, a mum and uses her blog to motivates and a platform for doing good for the society. Check out her blog here.


Now back to me.

Why do you write what you do?
What are you working on right now?

I am a mum blogger and I blog on parenting experience, thoughts and tips. I enjoy sharing my parenting woes and parenting success and love the exchange with readers on ideas. I see my blog as a love keepsake for my children. This is also mainly my motivation in keeping a blog.

As a blogger, I do enjoy the sponsorships that companies trust me with a genuine review of their products. I do selective reviews very much on whether they are relevant to my blog and whether the products appeal to me and my kids. The last thing I want to do is to turn off my readers in reviews that are totally irrelevant. I would say, blogging opens up a lot of opportunities for me to explore fun places, products and events which my kids and I would not have otherwise been exposed to. I really appreciate how blogging has taken us this far for now.

Currently, I am in a madness to meet deadlines for sponsored posts, blog hop like this one versus my own parenting posts. All these happened to be in the same 2 weeks and same as my travelling period too! After that, I do not have urgent sponsored posts and that takes away a great load of stress and I am able to go back to enjoying blogging about parenting posts at my own pace.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?
I guess as a blogger, we are constantly trying to think of ways that engage readers. The challenge comes in how much we want to share our innermost thoughts, our daily lives, our family whereabouts, our kids’ meltdown or even our own meltdown moments. Some of us are not so comfortable to be scrutinized in the public eyes and are only willing to share photos of the back of our kids’ heads, sides views, use pet names, draw cartoons, blog in half truths, etc. It certainly is not easy to balance how much to expose and how much to hide. For me, I am quite in between of this and that. I do consciously protect the kids in certain ways and yet I want to document their growing up years, where they have been to, and what they have been through in the blog as a momento to them. The day I find that our family is endangered in any way through blogging, I will probably stop. After all, internet is a double-edged sword. It can be friendly/useful/essential and yet dangerous/damaging/disturbing at the same time.

How does your writing process work?
How much time do you think I need to spend before a blog post goes live?
Depending on the content of the posts, the minimum time I spend on a blog post is 3 hours. The longer posts can span across 3 days straight. For reviews that need trying out on products or activities, these posts can sit in my draft posts for weeks with uncountable editions.

For parenting thoughts or feelings that weigh on my mind, I can type fast and furious and easily pour them out in words. Once, I got so excited about a certain thought to share, I sat down at a bus-stop and type out the idea before continuing my way home. I know once I get back, I will forget how I want to phrase it.

For those that requires more research, I will need to find relevant photos, information from websites, before I can start writing about them. There are lots of reading to do and lots of information out there that I want to include in my blog posts. Besides the reading part, the next time-consumer is to edit the posts for the nth time before I am satisfied to publish them out. I believe no one likes to read a post full of grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. Sometimes, I find myself re-reading for more than 20 times and at other times, I may be so satisfied with the voice and tone, I only need to proof-read less than 5 times and it’s out.

You may ask why bother to spend the time to edit the posts and photos? I take pride in my blog write-up and want each blog post to have good information to share with my readers, and possibly useful for my kids to know in future when they are parents themselves. I do not like to read half-hearted written posts and I know the reason why anyone would bother to read my posts is that they enjoy my writing style and am able to find relevant information to help them in whatever they want to know.

If you had followed this post till this sentence, I thank you for being interested in my behind the scenes as a blogger. The next time you enjoy reading a blog post, remember how much effort is put into churning out that post by that blogger 🙂


I am going to tag 2 bloggers for this blog hop. They are 2 of my favourite bloggers and share great posts in their own different ways.

First blogger is Bronwyn from Journey of the Fabulist. She is an Australian mum blogger residing in Singapore. I love her hilarious way of writing. You should really check out her tips for travelling with children which she often blogs about. They are so useful and comprehensive! She recently brought her 2 young kids on a road trip (read: ROAD TRIP) from Singapore to Phuket!! What an amazing mum!!


Second blogger is Vilma from Free But Fun. She lives in Finland and shares many fun and free activities in the ever child-friendly country. She can be Finland’s ambassador. I love her creative ideas of kids activities that are simple and low cost. If you do follow her blog, do comment on her posts because she usually has thoughtful opinions to share.