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Have you heard of a subscription box that delivers sample-sized products that suit your profile? Heard of Bellabox which is for cosmetics? Now there is one in the market for pregnant mums, mums and babies. This subscription box is call the Vaby Box.

I attended a pre-launch event organized by Vaby at Rochester Playhouse. It was a relax affair with mums and dads chilling out over delicious lunch and understanding how a Vaby Box can benefit our readers. At the same time, our kids had great fun at the Rochester Playhouse. Read on to the end for review of the Playhouse too.

Here is how the Vaby Box looks like for the month of June.

Vaby Box

Image by Peipeihaohao

This is a membership‐only site that will market and sell apparel, toys, and services for babies and parents at bargain prices. For a subscription fee of $18.90 per month, you will get premium products delivered to your doorstep every month. Vaby Box is like a surprise sample box. You are in for a surprise every month! Rest assured that these products which consists of 4-7 items are certainly suitable for you and your baby. That’s because Vaby Box is designed to mix and match premium brand samples according to your profile. You need not worry about buying a full size product and to find that you do not like it and waste it. So, Vaby Box enables you to try out products and only when you are satisfied, you can decide to buy the full size of that product.

These are what may be found in the Vaby Box:
• Baby clothing & shoes
• Nursery & Home decor
• Baby Accessories
• Diapers, wipes & bags
• Feeding & nursing
• Bath & skincare products
• Outdoor & shoe gears
• Books & Music
• Mom & Maternity
• Health & safety
• Organic products

• Post & Pre-‐natal classes
• Massage for mummy and babies
• Photo shoot sessions
• Pregnancy yoga
• Baby shower venues & food
• Party activities

Cool right? Aren’t the above items almost all the essentials that we need?

Now, that’s even a cooler deal here:

Official Launch
If you sign up as a Vaby member here, you will get to be invited to attend the official launch of Vaby Box at Rochester Playhouse on 28th June 2-4pm! You will see me there too with my kiddos. Bring your kids along to the Playhouse and play for free with compliments from Vaby. Also, if you like their FB page, you will be getting a FREE Vaby Box on that day itself! Free food, Free play, Free Vaby Box! I think this is too cool a deal to miss 🙂

PS: If you decide to take on this deal and attend the Official launch on 28 June, please do leave a comment on this fb post here stating your email address and state that you have already sign up as a Vaby member and like their fb page. This is so that I can forward your details to Vaby for an invitation in case there is a delay in getting a confirmation from them. 


Now for the Rochester Playhouse review. I have been wanting to visit it after Cool de Sac. It was a pleasant surprise that Vaby invited me and my family to this wonderful cafe. It is another great playdate location where mummies chat and kids play. There are lots of fun play over here. Plus the food is fantastic! We happened to go for this pre-launch on a Father’s Day. So, thanks to Vaby, Kel had a great lunch 😛



Delicious Salad for me!

Delicious Salad for me!

I must say that Rochester Playhouse serves really delicious food and drinks. We were spoilt for choice and everything seems so good!

The Playhouse is divided into 2 areas: indoor and outdoor

Indoor Playhouse

Playhouse 1

Playhouse 2

Playhouse 6

There are many different good quality blocks for sensory and motor skills play.

Playhouse 4

Pretend play and Dress up corner

Playhouse 5

Playhouse 3

Playhouse 14

Outdoor Playhouse

Playhouse 7

Playhouse 12

Playhouse 13

Water Play

Playhouse 9

The staff was very nice to apply sunscreen on the kids for outdoor play!

The staff was very nice to apply sunscreen on the kids for outdoor play!


Trampoline for toddlers

Trampoline for toddlers

Trampoline for older kids

Trampoline for older kids

One thing that is different about this place from Cool de Sac is that the play acitivities here are more suitable for age 7 and below. Nonetheless, my 3 kids didn’t want to leave after 2 hours of play 🙂

More information on Rochester Playhouse:
Location: 7 Rochester Park Singapore 139218
Opening Hours: Tues to Sun 10am – 8pm
Tel: (65) 6773 1312 (Rochester Cafe) / 6776 6683 (The Playhouse)
Play rates: Daily $8.00 per 1 hour, $ 10.00 per 2 hours,$ 15.00 unlimited

Website: click here

Disclaimer: We were invited to attend Vaby’s pre-launch event and had an afternoon of good food and enjoyable play for the kiddos. This post is to introduce the Vaby box and invite readers who sign up as Vaby members for an exclusive invitation to the Official Launch. I shall be sharing more on the different Vaby box each month very soon! Stay tune!