Tonight, our bedtime topic with the kids revolves around blogging.

Me: Maybe I should stop blogging…
Children: Why Mummy?
Me: Because Mummy feels that my original blogging purpose is being overtaken by other factors… like… (hard to admit, but I did) jealousy and competition and overexposure of our personal life.
Children: Why don’t you just write in our book diaries…?

I love conversation with the kids. They are so simple.

I don’t know about other parenting bloggers, but from time to time, I am affected by other bloggers getting THAT invite, THAT sponsor, THAT chance on media.

Why did I even expect fame?

I envy Mum in the making, last year’s blog awards winner for Best Family Blog. She said that she rejects all media invites and events so that she has more time for her children. And she has a superb blog with good content and not much sponsored posts. This is exactly the kind of blog I want for myself – to share my parenting experience for future reading by my kids and to inspire other parents out there, without caring much about how popular my blog is.

I love to blog.
I love to share my thoughts and enjoy the interaction with my readers.
I enjoy sharing new places that I have found or been to and hope to inspire other parents to bring their children to enjoy family time, which I find important and rare in the school rat race for Ace results.
I am not tired to write about things close to my heart even though it means sacrificing my sleep to publish that post.
I love to read what others think and am never tired to answer to those who took precious time to comment on my posts.

I write with the thought that my children will read my posts in future and what they might think, especially if it means exposing what should have been kept within the family like that failing of Math exam post.

So, why should I be bothered by the opportunities that other bloggers have and I do not? Why should I even care about the number of likes I have on my facebook page? Why do I host a giveaway with so many mechanics? Why did I even want to be famous? When did I lose my blog purpose?

I try not to lose my blog purpose easily. I always bring myself back to my main blog purpose. I don’t usually have such thoughts. It’s cyclical. It occasionally hits me and I will stop blogging for a while to find my heart for blogging. Then when I don’t feel so strongly on the competition part, I will blog again, and usually with better content.

Just occasionally, I read with envy of other bloggers’ opportunities and lose confidence of my own blog content.

Tonight is that “occasionally“.

I know it has nothing to do with my ability to write good content that causes sponsors not to look for me. Most of the time, popularity plays a big part for fame. And how to gain that popularity? I realize that you have to be very active in social media, like posting lots of pictures on instagram and facebook and twitter to gain lots of likes, which facebook mechanism will ensure more people will see your posts and henceforth, garner more likes and more people will know you. And big companies will look out for how popular your blog is and how much readership you have and tada! You get more and more invites and more opportunities so that your post can reach out to lots of people to meet their aim of publicity.

Do I want to sacrifice my family for such fame? I am not prepared to share lots of my kids’ photos. I do not like to overshare too much “blissful” pictures that people go diabetic just by looking at them. I am uncomfortable to reveal my kids’ exact birth dates. I would not even want to take photos of my neighbourhood for fear of stalkers on my family. No, such exposure is not what I want to exchange for popularity. That’s the problem with parenting bloggers. Your life is so public unless you take great care to protect your family, you risk all of your personal life aired in the open. And that also means it gets harder to be so popular that you get all those opportunities to be famous. And why do I want that kind of fame? Monetizing my blog is never my blog purpose.

I like international bloggers in the WordPress community. There are so many wonderful bloggers who never talk about sponsorship and they write very very good content and have amazing large group of followers. One of the blogger whom I know is an expat in Singapore who writes about travel tips and family on Journey of the Fabulist. She has amazing interaction with her readers and for sure, she gets lots of sponsor opportunities, but she just can’t be bothered with them and just keeps on writing what she likes. And that’s what keeps her readers loving her. I am one of those readers.

I am going to offend many bloggers with my thoughts here…

I feel that there are not many Singapore bloggers like Journey of the Fabulist and Mum in the Making who genuinely blog, not for the sake of “opportunities”. And that probably includes me too since I do feel green with envy at the opportunities of other bloggers at times. I am quite ashamed of that and I feel embarrassed admitting it here on this blog, my blog. But because I want to be truthful to myself and to my readers. I don’t know what reaction people, especially fellow bloggers, will think of me or laugh at me. But I am glad I did right my thoughts out.

It is time I should learn from these 2 mum bloggers as well as other good international bloggers in WordPress. Getting sponsorship should never be my main purpose of blogging. Of course, there is nothing wrong with accepting sponsors since with it, comes lots of amazing opportunities for the blogger and his or her kids, as well as new things to share with the readers. I will still be accepting sponsors too so long that they are in line with my blogging theme and not compromise my blogging purpose.

Good luck to those who are famous out there! I am your supporter for sure. You are probably happy that you have my jealousy. But I am not prepared to sacrifice so much of my personal life for fame like you do. And I know you are happy being popular. And I will be happily serving my small group of ardent readers through my heart felt thoughts posts and genuine sharing of parenting information, new places to go, and occasionally, embarrassing posts like this one.