February has come to an end and so many things happened in this month! Ever since the December holidays, each and every weekend is filled with numerous activities and I have to decline social gatherings and blog events so that we can all have some downtime! Finally on the last Sunday of February, we were able to rest and relax and kids were able to meet their friends from the next block to play on a lazy Sunday evening.

On the PSLE kid…

Revision progress with my Missy 12 was kind of slow due to her Volleyball tournament. Her team has entered the Nationals and while I cannot wait for her training to end, it seems that all these intensive training sessions will only end 2 more months later. I cannot have any complaint since Volleyball is her passion and she has proven on being disciplined to do her homework on time and self-motivated to study for her CA tests despite her busy schedule.

Her results are still pending release and we are eager to know if she has improved with our daily English revision, although I do not expect miracles within such a short time frame.

On Master 10…

Master 10 has some unfair treatment by me lately. The hub reminded me that I have to be consistent and have good reasons for certain actions. I agreed, felt guilty about my actions and compensated Master 10 in some other ways like reading the newspaper that he brought home from school together. He seems to enjoy listening to my talk on economics, on news like Donald Trump’s presidency, to how Giraffes are attacked when they drink water. He is so different from my girl who tends to drift off when I talk about world news to her. Spending time with Master 10 this way makes me very happy. I have neglected him and I know I cannot make up for the lost time. I need to start now to spend more alone time with him! Gosh! I have said this in January’s wrap up post too!

I have not managed to keep up my 1 – 1 date with each of my children. It is not easy to plan for 3 kids especially when I need to conserve my off days for the year end holidays. March is coming and I already have plans to date Master 10. As for Missy 12 and Master 5, they will have to wait for their turns and hopefully, it will not be a long wait. Luckily I have my short 1 – 1 alone time with Master 5 every Sunday morning when I do marketing, if that counts!

On Master 5…


This boy grows up so fast! He is able to recite the 2 story books that I read to him every night (奇奇乱丢垃圾 and The Sausage Went For A Walk). He is also able to recognize some Chinese Characters and simple English words. I am correcting his grip of the pencil too. He is able to draw very decent picture of people, spiders and Police cars! I love to look at him when he is concentrating on his doodling. I cannot capture enough of his cutie face and I know very soon, he will grow up and I shall miss smelling, kissing and hugging little children. Hence, every milestone that I see in him will be the last time that I will see in my own children. I am starting to feel melancholy.



On my life…

This month sees myself being tested on my EQ greatly. Something happened at work that have made me reflect on how I communicate my intentions to others. A series of misunderstanding had occurred that have led to an unpleasant email directed to me. That mail was copied to my superior too. In the end, I was glad that I kept my cool even though I was greatly affected. I did not reply to the mail and that kind of saved the day. The misunderstanding was clarified and I was even praised by my superior for handling the situation well. Nevertheless, I decided that I have to work on the way I communicate and be more careful in understanding different working styles. This episode has given me chance to handle a tricky situation well although it also cost a friendship. Being a person who values friendship tremendously, I am very sad indeed. Perhaps it is not so easy to find friendship in the workplace even though I had forged several good ones in my previous company. Or perhaps it takes time.

On another front, my own children have been giving me good reminders on my behaviour too. I find that they have been telling me “Chill, Mummy! Chill!” very frequently! Haha! I find myself frowning easily for small things and raising a pitch unnecessarily. If only someone takes a video of myself, then I will know how ugly I have looked and how uncool I am behaving. I need to change!

On happy times…

Master 10 and I have gone on a day’s filming and it was an awesome experience! I find myself not so natural on camera and even tongue-tied during interviews too. It is a Chinese educational show which will be releasing a few months later. Don’t laugh if you see me stuttering in Chinese. I am usually more fluent in Chinese but somehow I was too nervous to speak properly. I shall shout out very soon when it is aired on TV! Hopefully I do not look too bad! Stay tune!

On the 2nd volume of 新列车, the kids appeared on the cover together with their friends! Yeah!


We celebrated Missy 12’s birthday this month with an Ice-Skating party with her friends. It was a cosy gathering and guess what, this was also her first party with friends. We hardly spent too much on parties and this is quite an exception, but I am glad she enjoyed herself and we all think she deserved a good party with her graduating friends.

We turned up to give Missy 12 support in her Volleyball competition too. Surprisingly, only her school has a good turnout of parent supporters. I cannot fathom why there were no parent supporters in the rest of the schools. Are they too busy to make some time to watch a match? Could it possibly be ALL the parents are not able to spare an hour to support their children? My girl and her friends are all too happy to have their mums and dads to turn up for support. I believe our support has made a difference too. I am sure we will see even more parent supporters from her school in the Nationals competition.

So, my February ends with… making time for the children and working on better communication. I hope March will be a better month!

How did your February go? 🙂