If you are a regular fitness person, chances are that you already know what are FOAM ROLLERS and how they can help to complement your fitness regime. In fact, some swear by it to reduce cellulite if you use it regularly to massage those cellulite areas. Well, let’s see how we use the Primero Fitness Foam Rollers to relieve muscle aches, back aches and my knee pain.

The PaperClip Foam Roller

  • HoneyComb Trigger Matrix stimulates blood flow and recovery
  • Great for making yoga, pilates, and home workouts more challenging
  • Gentle on injured and vulnerable areas
  • Does not flake, chip or deform – even under heavy use
  • Waterproof & easy-to-clean
  • Passed EU’s stringent limits for carcinogens, formamide, and other harmful agents

PaperClip Foam Roller

The Centenarian Foam Roller

  • Firm enough to manipulate moderately tight tissue without extreme pain
  • Flexible enough to provide shear forces crucial to myofascial release during foam rolling
  • Does not flake, chip or deform – even under heavy use
  • Waterproof & easy-to-clean
  • Passed EU’s stringent limits for carcinogens, formamide, and other harmful agents
  • 3 different intensities relieves chronic pain in any muscle group
  • Indestructible Core
  • Additional 100-Year Juggernaut Warranty

Centenarian Foam Roller

For Knee Pain and Relief of Muscle Aches

I have been having knee pain recently when I jog for more than 2 km. On one fitness article that I read, using a foam roller to massage my quadriceps will help to loosen the tight muscles above my knees and prevent knee pain. Hence, ever since I have the PaperClip Foam Roller, I have been able to jog for longer distance without knee pain. And using it after my workout is like having a masseur to massage my aching muscles, especially after my weekly Pilates session. Since then, I have introduced to my kids who have intensive volleyball training and they love that the “massaging” effect of the foam rollers on their overworked muscles.

Working on the Quadriceps

Working on the Quadriceps

Working on the Calves

Working on the Calves

For Neck Aches or Shoulder Pain

If you do not have a good night’s sleep, and have aching shoulders and aching neck, try massaging your neck and shoulders using the foam rollers too!

Working on the neck and shoulders

You can also use the Centenarian for massaging any muscle group. I like it that it has different grooves for fingers, palms and knuckles. My kids use it for massaging soles!

Massaging Soles

There are simply too many ways to use the Foam Rollers! It is amazing that the Centenarian Foam Roller is designed to last a lifetime! It has a 100 Year Warranty!

Here are 2 useful INFOGRAPHICS on how to use the Foam Rollers:



Choosing The Right Yoga Mats


Since we are on the topic of fitness, let’s have a look at the 2 Yoga Mats that we are using and how to choose a Yoga Mat.

You may have noticed that in the above photos, we are using 2 Yoga Mats. The olive green one is called the Natural Rubber Mat and the light green one is called the TPE Mat.

We usually spend an hour or more on the Yoga Mat on one workout session and it is important to find one that does not skid as you workout or one that sheds rubber after some time. It is good to invest on a lasting Yoga Mat.

The NatTone Natural Rubber Mat



The Natural Rubber Mat is a very comfortable mat and has a cool feel to it. It is made with premium all-natural eco-friendly materials and the natural rubber is tapped from renewable rubber trees. This is the only skin-health mat with no unnatural toxins and chemicals used during the production process. In fact, this fitness mat is the best of its class. It is also suited for the hot weather in Singapore as its open-cell rubber absorbs oils, odors and perspiration. It is heavier than those PVC Yoga Mats. It has a thickness of 5.2mm and has a very good grip. Your feet will certainly not skid when you do Yoga or Pilates pose. I also like that it comes with a sleek bag for storage.

The TPE Mat


The TPE Mat is a combination of synthetic rubber and non-toxic material, making it safer and stronger than PVC. It comes with a Body Alignment System with the alignment lines to help users to concentrate while adjusting hands and feet to precise position. This keeps your body in proper alignment for effective yoga. The double layer structure design of thickness 6mm, provides optimal grip, excellent cushioning and double-sided non-slip texture, best suited for many forms of Yoga. This mat is lightweight, non-slip and contains no latex, PVC or any harmful chemicals.

Here is another easy guide to choosing a yoga mat:

Yoga mat inforgraphic comparison

So now you know how to choose a good Yoga Mat, do remember to head over here to check them out!

Primero Fitness is also launching a Good Posture Campaign: Family, Sit Right!

We find ourselves compromising body postures and sitting long hours in the office, and all these cause body pain here and there. Here is a good and easy way to relief aches in shoulders, back and upper body. Everyone can do it! It is good to do this for a set of 4-8 times daily for 10 seconds to 1 minute.


My kids surely learn fast!


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Disclaimer: We received the foam rollers and yoga mats for the purpose of this review. Hope I can play a part to help reach out to more people with good fitness tips and help relieve body aches with the sharing of this post! Stay fit and healthy!