Cold Storage Kids Run 2017 is celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year! It has become one of our must-go run every year. Now, for every run, there is a goal or cause to it (Please don’t just run for the sake of the goodie bag!). For Cold Storage Kids Run, it is aimed at promoting the goals of healthy eating, active living and spending quality family time through running together. This is so in line with what our family does, especially in bonding together!

Poster Mummy and Boy! That’s Us!

Do you spot who are on the advertising poster this year? It is amazing to see ourselves on it! Many readers told me that they “see” me everywhere! Friends and relatives saw the poster splashing across The Straits Times and message me to ask if that mummy was me! So, yes, the mummy and toddler in hand are ME and my Master 5! This picture was taken on our first Cold Storage Kids Run in 2015. I can still remember the cameraman flashed his camera at us non-stop the moment we crossed the starting line! We are so honoured to be chosen as the Poster Mummy and Boy very much to our surprise!

2 Adults can join family run!

Cold Storage Kids Run remains to be our favourite kids run event. Why is that so? You can read it all here in this post! Best of all, the organisers hear participants’ feedback and this year they allow 2 Adults to join their kid in the family fun run! In previous years, only 1 Adult can join the child and it was only me running with my youngest and I would have love for the Daddy to join as well! I am so glad that this year they made this change!

This year is also the last year that my Missy 12 can participate with us as she will not be qualified as a “child” next year. So, this run is really very special to us to be able to participate together as a family. It is also the first time that all 5 of us will get a Cold Storage Kids Run running tee each! The categories that we sign up for are Speedy Orange, Sporty Apple and AIA Vitality Family Fun Run.

Where’s the venue?

If you do not already know from the poster, this run is held at Palawan Green, Sentosa on 28 May 2017, which is a fresh change from the usual venue of Gardens by the Bay. Expect to breathe the sea air, and enjoy the sun and sand (hopefully not too hot!). Flag time has also been pushed back slightly to 715am to minimise rush and congestion for a better run experience.

What are the Categories?

Here are the Categories available in Cold Storage Kids Run 2017:

cold storage kids run Categories

Runner Entitlements (child):                                                      

  • Limited Edition Cold Storage Kids Run 10th Anniversary Running Tee
  • Limited Edition Cold Storage Kids Run Bag
  • Exclusive Cold Storage Kids Run Finisher’s Medal
  • Limited Edition Cold Storage Kids Run Fan
  • Limited Edition Cold Storage Kids Run Water Bottle
  • Finisher Race Certificate*
  • Fantastic Sentosa Offers and Vouchers
  • Free Admission Into Sentosa

For more information and to look at the pictures of what is in the goodie bag, click here.

Discount Code!!

Do use our discount code in the poster above OR below to register and you will get 10% off! This code is valid from now till 10 April 2017.


Race Day Details
Date: 28 May 2017 (Sunday)
Location: Palawan Green, Sentosa Island (next to Beach Station)
Time: 715am – 12pm
Registration period: Now – 10 April 2017 at www.kidsrun.com.sg
Activities include a family carnival, and lots of fun activities (to be updated)!
Don’t forget to check out their facebook page for updates once you have registered.

Hope to see you there! 🙂