Since my first born, I have piled up 10kg over the 12 years! There was a period of time, where my weight increased steadily till I hit my highest of 14kg above my pre-pregnancy weight and it did not seem to be stopping.

In fact, my BMI had been tipping to the unhealthy range and it worried me greatly. As a result, I tried to exercise more regularly by jogging 2 to 3 times a week, mixed with brisk walking, but the result was disappointing. My weight increased slightly and I learnt that perhaps some are fats converted to muscle weight. It seems that exercising also maintains my weight unless I run excessively which will be bad for my already aching knees.

Not only that, I find that I cannot fit into my pants which I bought 3 years ago and hooking up shorts require a deep breath in prior. So, is there really no way to go back to pre-pregnancy state without poking needles and swallowing pills?

That’s when I come across Halley Medical Aesthetics to start my slimming journey with CoolSculpting, a non-invasive way of achieving a slimmer silhouette.

My First Consultation Visit

Hally Medica Aesthetics

On my first visit to Halley Medical Aesthetics, I was a little nervous. After all, I have never walked into any clinics for slimming purpose. I was not too sure what to expect on the first consultation visit. The clinic is located at Level 3 of Orchard Gateway, which is very accessible by train with the nearest station at Somerset MRT. The moment I pushed through the tall glass door of the clinic, I was greeted by the friendly receptionists. The atmosphere was well, definitely not like a General Practitioner Clinic, but more of a spa setting with warm lights and lush armchairs.

Shortly, I was greeted by the nutritionist, Jean Tong. She brought me to a room to take my weight and measurements. Her pleasant demeanour certainly helped to soothe my anxiety. After that, we proceeded to see Dr. Terence Tan, who is the medical director of Halley Medical Aesthetics. As I knew that I was not going to some sleazy beauty spas with non-certified machines to do my treatment, seeing an experienced doctor certainly made first-time customers like me feel at ease.

Dr Terence Tan

Dr. Terence Tan was all smiles when we exchanged greetings. Well, I certainly needed a friendly and good-humoured doctor like him to feel relaxed. He asked about my concerned areas. I told him my wish to slim my thighs down as I love to wear short skirts and dresses. My tummy area is flabby but it does not bother me more than my fat thighs.


After he took a look at my weight and BMI measurements, he suggested that I needed to work on my weight along with CoolSculpting. For best results, it would be ideal to bring down my weight fast and follow by maintenance with good diet along with the amazing effects of CoolSculpting.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting machines

Dr. Terence Tan went on to explain how CoolSculpting works. The CoolSculpting system by Zeltiq is designed to reduce stubborn fat bulges in specific areas that do not respond to diet or spot exercise. It requires no surgery and no downtime. The CoolSculpting procedure freezes and eliminates stubborn Fat by delivering precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. These treated fat cells are crystallised (frozen), and then die.

Over time, your body naturally processes the dead fat cells and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted silhouette. Further, the sub-zero freezing does not damage the skin or surrounding tissue. The CoolSculpting effects are long term as the treated fat cells are gone for good. The number of fat cells reduced by CoolSculpting in treated areas is approximately 20 to 25%.

We Stop Producing Fat Cells After Age of 5

Love Your Body

Everyone stops producing fat cells when they hit the age of 5. If you have children under 5, please do not overfeed them to prevent their body from producing excessive number of fat cells. After the age of 5, any increase in weight and overflowing muffin top can be due to the growing size of the fixed number of fat cells within our body. If we overeat or take in too much unhealthy foods, the fat cells INCREASE and if we keep to a good diet, the fat cells DECREASE in size. Thus, CoolSculpting helps here as there are lesser fat cells in our body to grow fat.

Sounds good right?

It puts my mind at ease that CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared non-surgical fat-reduction treatment. One thing to clarify is that Fat Reduction is different from Weight Loss. CoolSculpting DOES NOT reduce weight, it reduces the number of fat cells. Hence, a good diet and exercising are still important for overall good health and maintenance of a slim silhouette after a CoolSculpting procedure.

Dr. Terence Tan and Jean also emphasised on keeping a good diet and lifestyle changes that go hand in hand with CoolSculpting treatment. In fact, most people will be motivated to change to a good lifestyle and careful with food options after they have finally achieved the slim silhouette they longed for! No one would want to go back to the previous unflattering body shape after much slimming efforts. I am pretty sure I will be sticking religiously to a good diet plan and exercising to keep a good health in check.

Deciding Which Target Areas For Treatment

CoolSculpting Treatments

After the consultation, I was ushered into another room that Halley Medical Aesthetics has dedicated to CoolSculpting. Jean drew several outlines of the unflattering areas of my thighs and tummy. Doctor then came in shortly after to discuss with me on which areas to target for my treatment and that set the decision on the actual treatment for the next visit.


Halley Medical Aesthetics’ weight loss programmes usually comes with 3 prescribed weight loss medications but I wasn’t comfortable with that. So Dr. Terence Tan, who was totally understanding about my decision, customised another slimming alternative for me which involved nutrition counseling with Jean. Yes, the no-medication way. Stay tune for the next post on the actual CoolSculpting treatment and, my experience and thoughts on it!

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