Aloha Pool Party

Safra Yishun Swimming Pool is one of our most favourite pools! It was one of the earliest Safra pools that have kids’ slides. We love that the pool is nested among trees, beautiful landscaping, greenery, clear blue skies and lovely 90’s music playing in the background. You can’t see other buildings or HDB flats from the pool. I always feel like I have escaped to some beautiful resort away from the hustle and bustle of our busy city. Come dusk, the pool’s soft lights give the whole swimming pool a romantic feel. And it is also the very reason why our whole family are Safra members!

The reopening of Safra Yishun Pool is what our family is looking forward to for the longest time! We were honoured to be invited to the Aloha Pool Party to check out the newly refurbished pool. It has many improvements!

Safra Yishun Pool


The Wading Pool is now a Pirate themed play area suitable for 4-8 years old. There are slides out of treasure chest box, pirate hat and ship. There are several water play jets which are designed to only eject water spray within the pool so that those onlookers at the side do not get sprayed on. These are also common play features in all Safra kids’ pools.

Safra Yishun Pool Pirate

Water jet (Safra Yishun Pool)

Water fountain (Safra Yishun Pool)

I like that the water safety rules are big and visible too.

Water safety rules (Safra Yishun Pool)


Training Pool (Safra Yishun Pool)

Shallow walkway (Safra Yishun Pool)

Beside the Pirate themed play area is the Training Pool of 1.0m water level. This pool can be closed for FINS Swim School swimming class during the weekends in the morning and evening. They have kept the 2 pools connected by a shallow pool walkway. My kids always love to lie on their backs and tummies with their bodies partially submerged in water.


Rainbow slides (Safra Yishun Pool)

The 3rd pool is the Kids Play Pool with rainbow slides. There are two slides with a big waterfall in the middle. One slide has a gentle slope for younger kids. It is common to see young toddlers or babies accompanied by adults to slide down together. If not, there is always an adult to catch the young one when he/she slides down.

Gentle slide (Safra Yishun Pool)

For older kids and adults, there is another slide which is steeper and longer. This slide is FAST! Parents, do take note to keep clear of the exit of this slide to prevent your kids or yourself being crashed into by the slide user!


The waterfall area is a hit too as many love to have the water come down hard on them.


Olympic Lap Pool (Safra Yishun Pool)

Shallow walkway 2 (Safra Yishun Pool)

Similarly, the kids play pool with slides is connected by a shallow pool walkway to the Olympic-Size Lap Pool. Hence, parents need to be extra watchful for little kids wandering into the deep pool.


Pool (Safra Yishun Pool)

Jacuzzi (Safra Yishun Pool)

The 5th pool area is another 1.0m pool connected to a Jacuzzi Pool. There are benches at the sides here to relax and watch your kids at the same time. During weekends, there will be some complimentary floats for the kids to play with too. Look at all these pizza floats, watermelon floats, lobsters, and even the coconut tree is sailing on the waters!

Pizza float

Watermelon float

Lobster float


The first thing that caught my attention is that there are many mirrors in the ladies. I am not too sure about gents though, but we ladies surely need more mirrors to check ourselves before and after swim!


Washing area (Safra Yishun Pool)

Can you see the big mirror on the left of the photo? There is a washing basin for little ones too.

Touch up area

Here is a vanity area with hairdryer and hooks for bags by the side. There are more hairdryers outside the changing cubicles.


Changing room

Changing cubicle (Safra Yishun Pool)

There is a changing area with 2 cubicles that have curtains, stools and mirrors, yes mirrors again LOL! I remember the previous changing room did not have curtains and I really hate to change in the toilet cubicle or the wet shower room. Hence, I am happy to see this improvement.


Toilet (Safra Yishun Pool)

There are several toilet cubicles, a kid urinal and a baby changing station.


Shower room (Safra Yishun Pool)

Shower cubicle (Safra Yishun Pool)

There are more shower rooms than before and a central area with hooks to cater for hanging of bags and clothes without wetting the seats when parents help their young children to change after bath. I think this is very considerate!

One thing we love about swimming in Safra pools is the rain shower head and water temperature control! We can bathe in warm water! But, the down side of this shower cubicle is that it does not have a lock. We wonder why? So, you had better leave your shoes outside the cubicle or hang a towel over the door to alert others that the shower cubicle is occupied, if you do not wish to have a rude shock of others pushing the door open!


Lockers (Safra Yishun Pool)

Outside the shower rooms, there is a water cooler and many lockers with a token of just $0.40 to keep your valuables and bags safe. The locker is big enough to put in a bag and shoes.

Aloha Pool Party

More information:

Safra Yishun

Address: 60 Yishun Avenue 4, Singapore 769027
Tel: 6852 8200
Website: Safra Yishun Pool

Operating Hours

Mon* 11am – 9.30pm
Tue – Fri 7am – 9.30pm
Sat, Sun, PH 8am – 9.30pm

* On Mondays, pools will resume normal operations after pool maintenance.

Swimming Pool Rates

Mon – Fri $1.15 (Concession)
$2.20 (Normal)
Sat, Sun &
Public Holidays
$1.70 (Concession)
$3.30 (Normal)

Terms & Conditions

  • SAFRA members enjoy FREE entry into the pools daily.
  • Guests would need to be signed in by a SAFRA member.
  • Each SAFRA member is only allowed to bring along a maximum of three accompanying paying guests per day to the swimming pools at all SAFRA clubs.
  • Children below the age of 5 enjoy FREE entry into the pools.
  • Concession rate applies to children above the age of 5 who are below the height of 140cm.
  • Anyone above 140cm in height will have to pay Normal Guest rate.


Disclaimer: Thank you Safra for inviting us to preview the reopening of Safra Yishun Pool and the awesome Aloha Pool Party! We certainly enjoyed ourselves to the fullest for 4 full hours checking out our favourite pool!