I missed my “Ending May with…” last month due to high workload at work and examination preparation with the kids. I went on a business travel on the first day of school holidays to many heartaches. Blogging had to take a back seat. Well, as a FTWM, I guess I learnt to juggle comfortably with multiple roles daily in work, blog, kids, home and self-care. Each is important to me in different ways and perhaps all these put together make my life more fulfilling and endurable when life has a purpose. However, not all days are rosy and I do drop the balls every now and then. On times like this, family and friends are my main emotional support and encouragement. I am just too blessed to have them with me.

Missy 12 and revision

This topic continues… Missy 12 received many positive feedback on her attitude towards learning from her teachers during the Parent-Teacher meeting. Every one of her teachers praised her discipline and eagerness towards academic and leadership. They all agree that she should do alright in PSLE. I agree too. We do not have expectations to start with, hence, any improvement from now to Prelims and improvement from Prelims to PSLE, I am happy. I just have a wish that she enters the school of her choice which she very much wants to go.

Our revision in June is not as intensive as what her friends are going through. Ask her if she is stressed, she still says “No” which I am relieved. However, come July, I am pretty sure her school will load lots to prepare for Prelim in first week August and she will start feeling stressful, especially she has a piano exam in July too. But we will manage.

We still continue our night revision, although they are no longer just #30minrevision. During school holidays, we can do longer hours. We drafted a revision schedule on what topic to study and papers to do from now till Prelim. We do not want to overload and get Missy 12 burnt out before Prelim and PSLE, hence, it is important to moderate the intensity and duration appropriately. The main subjects to focus on are Math, Science and English. Math and Science take up much more time. Through Marshall Cavendish Science Workshop which I am attending right now (will be blogging on that soon!), we learnt about journaling and that got Missy very motivated to study Science. I am so thankful to the trainer.

Separation Anxiety strikes again

Oh, sometimes I think I suffer Separation Anxiety more than the children do. It struck twice for these 2 months. First one was when I was leaving for the airport for my business trip. The kids saw me off to the car and could not control their tears. I was holding back furiously too. But the moment the car turned out of sight, I started to tear. And I teared again when I entered the Departure Hall and waved to Kel. You must be rolling your eyes now. But I am that emotional.

The second time was when Master 10 went off for his 3D2N camp. I knew the camp would be fun and he would certainly enjoy very much with the company of his friends. Perhaps he is now much mature and grown up, I did not sense any separation anxiety in him. I missed him so much and found out that the mummies in the same chatgroup all missed their kids too. Some even drove to the camp site to peek and each day we tested our instinct and eyesight by spotting our kids in the shared camp photos updated on website. I often wondered how I can take it when Master 10 goes to Army 8 years later.

Fun Times

Mums hardly rest, do they? Even while I was busy preparing for my business trip, I needed to plan to ensure the household can run smoothly without my presence. I planned for activities prior to my trip and ensured my hub made them happen. I packed for Cold Storage Kids Run, Dads and Child Camp, scribbled fetch timings to and from school for school holiday activities, standby piano fees for teachers, assigned home revision for Missy 12, planned marketing, planned playdates, staycation, etc, etc, etc. And I was only away for 10 days.

So off the hub and Master 10 went to the Dads camp which was really a bonding session for them. The camp was fun except for the very warm night in the tent under the Singapore Flyer. It was more of an Army camp and they ate ration packs, went for rifle shooting, survival skills and lots more. Master 10 enjoyed the overnight camp.

We went for Safra Open House and tried on Canopy Walk and zip line which both became good training for our Bedok Forest Adventure Kids Course and Master 10’s school camp which had the similar obstacle course.

There were a lot more outings to the ice-skating rink at Jcube, Museum hopping, Amazonia indoor playground, BASF Lab, Forest Adventure, a staycation, Concert, a play and numerous playdates. We still have weekly bonding session with the grandparents for breakfast and frequent family home-cooked dinners at home. It was a good June holidays.

Mummy learns…

I have not given up on my appetite for reading. I am catching up on books and although a little slow, at least I am now reading my 5th book for this year, To Kill A Mocking Bird. A fantastic book that I had lots to learn from the characters and the author’s beautiful English language. I must remind myself to introduce this book to my kids to learn precious values like Respect, Standing strong by values in averse situation, Righteousness, and much more.

I am also attending classes too. I had attended a cooking class, attended Marshall Cavendish PSLE Science Workshop for Parents for 2 Saturdays in my quest for knowledge on coaching my Missy. I went for a Will-Writing seminar which was really entertaining and informative. I find gaining knowledge never stops at any age. It gives me the ability to tell stories and impart wisdom to my children.

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So, I am ending June 2017 with… lots of play before the big exams arrive!!! 

Seriously I am not so looking forward to the next 3 months due to the exam preparation. Even though compared to many, many out there, we are really taking it in our stride, and not competing with anyone else in revision speed or trying hard to make my money spent on assessment books worth. Much conscious effort is being made to moderate study stress and how much Missy can absorb or cope everyday. I don’t think she feel that her mummy is actually more stress than her because I make a good effort to shield my anxiety from her. Where does my anxiety come from? Frankly speaking, I blame myself partly for not catching her when she lagged behind in P3 and P4. Hence, I put lots of effort trying to bring her up to standard and my wish is that she does well enough to enter her dream school. I hope come end of the year, I can proudly say that she made it. But if she doesn’t, she still gets the BEST EFFORT AWARD from me, from her Daddy, and from our whole family.

How did your June go? 🙂