Yishun Park 9

We have never thought of giving up our family weekend outings even if exams are nearing. We enjoy outdoor play. It refreshes the mind and lifts up mood. While our kids are still keen on going out as a family, we will treasure every single opportunity to bring them to nature, parks and playgrounds. Last weekend, we visited Yishun Park Playground and yes, we wore our Skechers shoes along to test out the comfort!

We hardly venture Yishun for playgrounds as it is not known for huge playgrounds and parks like Pasir Ris Park Playground and West Coast Park Playground. But the hub has been driving past this Yishun Park and has seen that the playground facilities look very fun, hence, he suggested to make a visit here.

A Merry-Go-Round Spider Web Structure

Yishun Park 1

A Bigger Spider Web Climbing Structure

Yishun Park 2

Mini-obstacle Playground with Slide

Yishun Park 3

Yishun Park 4

Mini Rock Climbing with 2 Slides on each side

Yishun Park Rock Climb

Balancing Rope Obstacle and Suspension Bridge

Yishun Park 6

Suspension Bridge at Yishun Park

Playground with Long Tubular Slide

Yishun Park 7

Yishun Park 8

Rock Climbing on an Inverted V Rubber Mat

Rock Climbing Structure

Isn’t this park awesome? There are jogging tracks beside the playground. Me and hub were able to jog while the kids play. But as usual, the kids sighted us and ran up to jog alongside with us when we really thought we had the luck to have some couple time on a weekend! Fat hope! Well, we enjoy exercising together as a family. Couple time can be arranged on other days.

Family fitness at Yishun Park

Look who outran us?!

Have you noticed the bright and cheerful Skechers Shoes on our feet? We have tested the shoes’ performance on the Yishun Park jogging tracks, the grip on climbing ropes and obstacles and the responsiveness on various grounds of sand, pavement, and even wet floors when we continued our weekend play to Safra Yishun Swimming Pool.

GOrun 5 red and purple

Our family is very new to Skechers shoes and my first pair was only recently bought from my US trip. I loved the GoWalk series to bits when I wore them to walk up and down 5th Avenue for hours without feeling tired. We heard lots of fave about Skechers shoes being extremely light weight and comfortable. And true enough, that was exactly our experience with the shoes! My hub’s first exclamation upon trying out the GOrun 5 in red/orange was: “They’re so LIGHT!”

Indeed, being light weight is a big advantage for attaining speed in running and responsiveness to avoid injuries. Both my hub and I love the GOrun 5 series especially when approaching towards the end of a long run, we did not feel that we had to drag our feet. GOrun 5 is the 5th generation of the GOrun series and its innovative technologies provide excellent cushioning and impact protection. Missy, being almost an adult has her first adult size sport shoes with the same Skechers GOrun 5 in purple. We chose the same colour so that we can go twinning on the same shoes! Isn’t that’s what having a daughter is all about?!

GOrun 5 Purple

Both the boys are wearing Skechers Flex Advantage 2.0 shoes with Air-Cooled Memory Foam insole. They, too, are enjoying the amazingly light weight footwear so that they can run fast! The Skech-Knit Mesh one piece fabric also allows breath-ability, hopefully cutting down the sweaty stench that the boys tend to have. They have chosen the bright blue colour which is an easy match to most clothes.

Skechers Flex Advantage

With the good grip and high comfort level, I have a piece of mind when the kids wear Skechers shoes for sports and play. You bet that from now on, Skechers would be our top favourite for comfort shoes. And we are going to wear them to our next family run event, Shape Run 2017!

Skechers Family

Back to Yishun Park Playground, here is the address if you are wondering how to reach here:

Address – Yishun Central, Yishun Avenue 11, 769027

Yishun Park is a 14-hectare park in Yishun, Singapore bounded by Yishun Ave 4, Yishun Central, Yishun Ave 11 and Yishun Ring Road. It is within the vicinity of Northland Primary School and Safra Yishun Country Club.

Disclaimer: We were sponsored Skechers shoes for a review on our experience. I am certainly a Skechers convert for comfort shoes after this review!