We have crossed a good half of the year for 2017! Very soon, it will be the end of the year. I am kind of glad that I did not set out any resolutions for 2017 to beat myself for not achieving much at this mid-year check. I guess life goes on and we just busy ourselves along. What’s important is really whether we are happy with our life now and are we contented? At this mid-year check on myself, I should really be counting my blessings more than harping on meeting any goals. Don’t you think so?

I have many blessings to count and I am saying that because life is kind of mundane and mundane in itself is a bliss. At down times, I choose to find consolation in any small things that I should be contented with and be thankful for things that we often take for granted. At happy times, these feelings go into my emotional bank to be retrieved at times of need. Life is short, so why not make everyday count? It will be good if my kids know how to stand strong and be contented with their lives and be happy. Resilience, perhaps, is more important than any academic achievement that the kids should achieve.

So much for a philosophical wrap up for July. Now, here’s what we have been up to.

Preparation for Prelims …

I am thankful for an understanding boss and hence am able to give much support to Missy for Prelims preparation. Sometimes when I am home, Missy is busy doing her homework or doing self-revision. On many afternoons, my role is really to be THERE for her. I am a walking dictionary, prompter to academic questions, and my teacher role is getting smaller to much of my satisfaction. That shows that she is improving and taking good charge of her learning such that my involvement has switched focus on supporting her other needs. I chat with her, entertain her performance of hand-stand, stunts when she takes study breaks, prepare snacks for afternoon tea-breaks and encourage her when she loses steam.

Prelims is over. I am exceptionally anxious to see if our hard work for the past months will be paid off. I really hope to see more than a small improvement so that Missy’s confidence will be boosted.

On Health …

We had been hit by a bout of flu that went round the family in July. What was worse than this was that I sprained my ankle badly on a morning jog. I fell down a flight of steps. Ever since then, my ankle has been healing ever so slowly. I envy those who can run and hop and jump with their good legs. 1 month after I sprained the ankle, I still cannot run for the bus. I cannot continue my Pilates and Zumba clases. I cannot run about with the kids. Another recent disappointment is that I have to give up any long distance runs for the time being. How can I even take for granted my good pair of legs before this? I am frustrated with the stupidity of not warming up before a run. This teaches me a painful lesson.

Perhaps there are still good things that comes out of this episode. I learnt to walk slower. I start to consciously take care of my body and avoid taking short cuts or compromise my posture, anything that will hurt my body. Hopefully I can be up and about in 3 months time.

On Reading …

I am reading slowly but not stopping. To inculcate a reading culture in our home, I removed decorative pieces from 2 shelves of the TV console to make way for books. The books are refreshed every now and then to entice the kids to pick up a book and read. We frequent the neighbourhood library, bought new books and brought the kids to sgbookdeals to grab 49 books for $50 in a box. I purposely leave books strewn about on the tables and bathroom for any chance that the kids will pick them up. I ask the kids to bring a book along to read while on public transport or waiting for meals. I have a book list chart for them to fill up completed titles. We have reading hours and bedtime reading if time permits. It takes time to build up a reading culture at home, and it is never too late to start now.

So, I am ending July 2017 with… contentment


July was not an exciting month partly because we spent much time for Prelims Preparation (Click here if you wish to know more on how we prepared for our Prelims). However on weekends, we still bring the kids out to breathe fresh air, dispense their energy and for family bonding. Examinations will not stop these play times. I am totally thankful that so far, our no-tuition way works out for us so that we have more time to relax and indulge in more important things than academic. I hope August will be a healthier month for us and better luck to accompany us from now 🙂

How did your July go?