Shape Run 2017-1

This is the first time we are running Shape Run and as a family of 5 in the 1.8km category. And perhaps the last family run that I can sign up Missy as a child. Kids grow up so fast! Kids size shoes do not fit her anymore too! I hope that regardless whether my children are running as Child or Adult, our family can keep up running together for as long as possible.

Shape Run is an all-women run event, so it was kinda interesting to see Daddies and Sons running too! Well, they were running in the 1.8km family run. The Shape Run official run tee-shirt is in pink and comes with a grey crop top. While we were wondering if the male runners would be wearing pink, we were glad to receive a lovely blue version for all of us instead.

On the morning of Shape Run, we were all up and about by 7am, well, most of us. Interestingly, Master 5, who is usually the earliest riser in the family, always chooses to sleep in on days we need to wake up early. Despite all the buzz in the house, he stirred lightly and continued sleeping. What we usually do is to do whatever we need to get ready and wake him up 10 minutes before we leave the house.

Shape Run was held at the Kallang Practice Track. It took us a while to search for the Start Pen entrance to realise that we came from the opposite direction. We saw the Start banner and quickened our pace to wherever the entry to the Start Pen was. We spotted a few blogger families wearing the same blue tee-shirts as us and that made it easy to spot if we were heading the right direction. However, seeing that the race was going to start in a couple of minutes, and the entrance was no where near, we decided to climb over the barricades. Not exactly a nice thing to do, but it was the easiest thing to do with children in tow. The kids found it fun though.

We had a little time to take some pictures with the Skechers Shoe Mascot before the race and did a little warm up.


Soon, the loud buzz was heard to flag the race, and all families leisurely crossed the start line. As I had sprained my ankle badly a month ago, I could only walk the entire 1.8km. My sprained ankle caused me to miss a few favourite run events this year to my great disappointment, and this family run of a short distance is the best I could managed for now. So, while I walked, my elder kids ran ahead, stopping only to wait for each other. My hub ran with the youngest and to my surprise, he did not even once asked the Daddy to carry him. It would be quite different if I were to run with him. It must be a Mummy’s boy thingy.


Shape Run 2017

When I made it to the finishing line quite some time after the rest completed the race, my elder kids told me that 1.8km seemed surprisingly short compared to the NAPFA 1.6km run. They did not feel a single bit tired. All thanks to the amazingly light-weight Skechers Shoes that they were wearing on their feet. Missy told me that with her Go-Run 5 Skechers shoes, she felt her feet were light and could cover the distance effortlessly. That’s what I felt as well, I could walk slightly faster than usual and even attempted to run a few steps to test out my ankle’s recovery. Apparently, I did not feel any pain wearing the good support shoes. The shoes did give me some false hope of resuming my Mizuno Ekiden the next weekend. But of course, Ekiden is a totally different ball game.

Having good company made the run event more fun. We were happy to run with the cousins together (yes, you spotted correctly! The 3 cheerful kids of Summer from A Happy Mum), although at different speeds, and gathered again at the race village to play. It takes very minimal play toys to have fun when the kids are together. Balloons can keep them playing for hours. So can trampoline, if not for a photo-taking queue, they could jump for hours too.

Skechers Booth

It was easy to take family photos as well. We could help each other take photos instead of doing we-fies. And take unique pictures like this (with help from others of course)! Spot all our colourful Skechers Shoes!

Shape Run Bloggers

After the run and numerous photo-taking fun, we headed on to eat breakfast together. While I was thinking of my favourite Mac Donald’s at Kallang, a place I frequented during my Secondary School days with friends, both the hubs preferred Hawker Centre instead. Sometimes, I think my hub is like an old uncle who favours hawker and Chinese food anytime over restaurants and Western. Nevertheless, the kids were happy with whichever choice of breakfast place as long as they got to eat together and prolong their bonding time with their cousins. I can’t be happier with such strong ties. Hope they will grow up as close as ever.

Now that we have experienced our Skechers Shoes and tested the suitability for runs, you bet we will be running in them again in our next run event. If you are wondering how comfortable they are, check out Skechers shoes in any outlets in Singapore to try on them yourself 🙂

Disclaimer: We were happy to be invited to Shape Run and have our running shoes kindly provided by Skechers Singapore.