Tell you what. I may be maidless soon by choice. To prepare the busy days ahead, I shall need good appliances in the house to help me do the work in half the time so as to free up more time for the kids. Cooking is certainly one of the areas that I will need good appliances. As a FTWM, I want to be home to whip up dinner in time and allow the family to have hot soup everyday. So how to make it happen? I discovered that the Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker by Song-Cho can cook soup in 1/8 of the usual time needed! Yes, just 1/8 of the time! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Magic Quick Cook 8L

I used to have the fear that Pressure Cooker may explode if not handled properly. Hence, I have never dared to try using one. But after attending one of Song-Cho cooking demonstration, I learnt that the Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker has 5 safety features to keep the user safe, namely the handle lock, filter, balancing weight, and 2 safety valves. That gives me a peace of mind.

Safety Valve

Here is what I normally do when I cook my favourite ABC Soup (Corn, Carrot, Potato):

1. Prepare the ingredients
2. Fill up water to the minimum level (or Bean Level) or more depending on how much soup you wish to cook
3. Put in all ingredients, be careful that the total water level does not exceed maximum level
    – Close the lid by sliding the handle lock inwards and matching the lid’s arrow with the pot’s arrow
    – Slide the handle lock outwards to reveal the Safety Valve
    – Place the balancing weight upright
4. Turn on fire to high
5. When the balancing weight starts to shake and some noise is heard, turn down the fire to low for 10-15 minutes
6. After 10-15 minutes, turn off fire
    – Wait till the Safety Valve comes down at the handle lock, this may take more than 15 minutes depending on the contents in the cooker
    – Once the Safety Valve drops, open the lid and remove the lid upwards (Here the Safety Valve protects the user from opening the lid prematurely. Without dropping, user will not be able to open the lid.)
7. Add salt and serve

Corn Soup

Water Level

ABC Soup

To be exact, the total cooking time using the Magic Quick Cook has to add on the time to start to heat up till balancing weight starts to shake + 1/8 cooking time (eg. 10-15 minutes the usual recipe recommended time using normal cooker) + time for Pressure to release fully. This can take about an hour depending on the volume and contents in the cooker. So it isn’t really just about cooking 15 minutes from start till end. So far, we have been using the Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker to cook soup daily. It saves us time and saves gas consumption because we do not need to turn on the gas stove for full 1.5 – 2 hours and we do not need to watch out for spills.

soup collage

With the Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker that can cook in such a short time, we can have last minute cooking and still able to serve up yummy soup. One of my favourite desserts is Red Bean Soup. For those who have tried cooking Red Beans will know that it takes a long time to cook till the beans are soft and paste-like consistency. Now that I have this Magic Quick Cook, I only need to 15 minutes cooking time to have soft red beans!

Red Bean Soup

As we love to host dinners to family and friends, we have the 8L Magic Quick Cook to cook enough for everybody. If you are only cooking for just your family, a 6L Magic Quick Cook will suffice.

How much is a Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker?

8L Magic Quick Cook – S$262.40
6L Magic Quick COok – S$238.40
With every Magic Quick Cook purchase, you will get a free stainless steel powder, trivet & glass lid that you can use for reheating the soup + Free Cooking Class

Eco Clean Oil Dissolver – another Busy Mum’s Saviour!

Eco Clean

This Eco Clean Oil Dissolver is really awesome! You have to try it to believe how effective it removes oil residue! It saves water, saves time, saves your hands from harsh dish washing chemicals. Just a few sprays (2-5 sprays) directly on your oily wok or pan or pot, then use a sponge, cloth or paper towel to lightly scrub the crockery, rinse with water and you will not feel a single bit of oiliness! It is as simple and amazing as that!

The Eco Cleaner is sold in 250ml which is really a small handy bottle. I would have thought that it will be used up in no time and I even wondered why they do not come in big sizes. However, seeing how little of it is used everyday to clean my wok and pans, I have been using it for close to 2 months, and there is still half a bottle left!

I have 2 bottles to giveaway with compliments of Song-Cho! You have to try it yourself to believe what I said! I bet you will be returning to buy more bottles after that!

Head on over to my IG @kidsrsimple and FB page to participate! The giveaway ends on 3 Sep 2359!

More information:

Song-Cho are having some ongoing promotions which you can find in store as well as online, including:

1) Ideal Wok @ $148 –> Bundle deal with Induction Cooker (UP $128) = $276 (saves $38) + Free Cooking Class 

2) Magic Quick Cook (6L $238.40 & 8L $262.40) –> With every Magic Quick Cook purchase, free stainless steel powder, trivet & glass lid + Free Cooking Class

3) Soup Maker @ $199 –> With every purchase of Soup Maker, free Dessert Maker (SC-FDM01) + Free Cooking Class.

4) Bread Maker promotion price @ $99 wef 01 July 2017 + Free Cooking Class.


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Disclaimer: Thanks to Song-Cho, I received an 8L Magic Quick Cook Pressure Cooker for the purpose of this review, and have a chance to attend their cooking demo and witness how effective good kitchen appliances can help save time tremendously and make cooking seem so much easier!