Do you know that Legoland Malaysia is celebrating 5th birthday this September? It means that it has been providing lots of fun opportunities for Singaporean families to enjoy a short getaway across the causeway for 5 years already! Time really flies! Each time we visit Legoland, we have a different experience mainly due to the fact that the kids grow up and progress to different kind of activities and also Legoland Malaysia adds new attractions now and then! So here we are again, to celebrate the 5th Brick-Versary and I hope you will enjoy as much as we did!

The line up of events of the 5th Brick-Versary starts from 21 Aug to 30 Sep. Here is the show guide:

Show Guide

Once you enter Legoland Malaysia Theme Park Entrance, you will be given a Brick-Versary Goodies Coupon to scratch and win for each admission ticket. You may get to win LEGO sets, annual passes, LEGO Minfigures. If you are really lucky, you may win the top prize which is an all-expense paid trip to Legoland Japan for the family. Do look out for the below activities too!

• Jumbo Minifigure Trade – Go on a Jumbo Minifigure Trading craze with 1,000 kinds of Minifigures and
challenge your kids to see who can collect the most Minifigures from the park’s Trading Hut
• Giant LEGO® Birthday Cake – Who can take the best iconic shot of themselves with a Giant LEGO®
Birthday cake made up of 150,000 LEGO® bricks?
• Fifth Brick-versary’s Edition DUPLO® Bricks – Are you a true blue LEGO® fan? Find out more about the
activities that lets you win one of the fan favourite limited edition DUPLO® bricks
• Brickdance by 12 LEGO® costume characters – Mums, dads, boys and girls, get ready for a dance
showdown. Battle it out with the adorable LEGO® costumers.


This is the first time we tried to cover 2 parks in one day and also the first time we visited the Water Park. We spent a good half of the day at Water Park first and head on over to the Theme Park in the late afternoon. It started off with a cool breezy day and we tried to cover all the Water Park attractions before the heavy dark clouds loomed over us and poured. We managed to cover almost all the attractions before the rain caught us in time for our late lunch.


The moment we got changed into our swim wear and put our belongings in the locker, which we paid MYR40 for a big locker, we were undecided which ride to hit for a start. In the end, we decided to do a rest and relax activity before getting our adrenaline high with the rides. Build-A-Raft River, here we come!


Lazy River

Legoland structure

There were many LEGO structures everywhere in the park as well as lifeguards who kept watch on the park goers.


You can build with huge colourful Duplo blocks while floating on the river!


No kids will miss out this interactive playground with a bucket of 300 gallons of water splashing down on them. There are slides suitable for the little ones and more challenging slides for the older kids and adults. Most little kids can stay here for hours. Our youngest did not want to leave until we encouraged him to join all of us at the rides.

Splash Playground

Joker Soaker


Slide 2

RED RUSH (Minimum height 102cm)

Everything doubles the fun when you play with fun company. We were happy to have the company of the kids’ cousins to join us for the rides. We headed on to RED RUSH, which is suitable for 6 people to sit in a doughnut float. It was the first time my youngest sat on such a ride. We were happy that he had crossed the minimum height to take the ride. He was initially afraid, but seeing that his same age cousin would be accompanying him to take the ride, he put on a brave front so as not to lose out to a girl, LOL! In the end, it was so fun that we took the ride a few more times!

Minimum height

Red Rush Ride

Red Rush 2

SPLASH N SWIRL (Minimum height 107cm) and Brick Blaster (Minimum height 107cm)

These 2 rides are side by side. Splash and Swirl can allow 1 or 2 people to take the ride. It goes through a swirling and splashing a few rounds depending on how heavy you are before entering an exciting tunnel. I took it with my No.2 and we swirled 3 rounds before I wondered if we were going to swirl there forever and then we were brought into the entrance of the tunnel eventually. It was really fun and No.2 went again on his own.

Brick Blaster could take up to 3 people. It swings and sways in the tunnel. My hub took it with our youngest.

Brick Blaster

LEGO SLIDE RACERS (Minimum height 107cm)

To me, this must be the most exciting ride! You take a mat and slide into a tunnel which make several turns before exiting into a plunge down the steep slides. Not only that, we were able to race together in 5. The heaviest of all will emerge first. The only hard part is to climb up the many steps to take this ride but it is worth the effort!

Slide Racer

Then it started to rain when we climbed up the steps for a 3rd time. The lifeguards and staff blew whistle to signal everyone to take shelter. It was also a cue for us to take a break. While the elder kids were having fun playing on some of the exciting rides, the younger ones were busy building their boats nearby! They could put their boats to the test and challenge each other on whose boat can travel faster.





When the rain got really big, everyone headed to the lunch area at Beach Grill in front of the LEGO Wave Pool. There was a free screening of Ninjago movie at the Wave Pool. All the kids were kept occupied by the movie while the adults ordered lunch. The rain soon stopped and the kids jumped into the Wave Pool.



After lunch, we bathed and wanted to go over to the Legoland Theme Park next door. Unfortunately, it started to really pour heavily and we were stranded at the entrance of Water Park. We bought a Poncho and the kids’ uncle braved the rain in the poncho to bring some umbrellas from our cars parked at Somerset Medini Apartment. That’s when the rain subsided and we made our way to the Theme Park with our umbrellas. I am pretty sure, to the kids, walking in the rain was one of the highlights of our visit that day.

Family pic


We had 2 hours left to play at this Theme Park. So, we chose the most popular attractions. Due to the rain, most of the attractions had no queue and we were able to enjoy multiple rides in such a short time.

But before we started for the rides, we must take this photo for a memory keepsake in this special 5th Brick-Versary celebration!




We started with LEGO Ninjago The Ride. This was our first time at this attraction. We were not too sure what we were in for. We just knew all of us could play including the youngest. For those of you who had tried this ride before, it is a battle of who is the best Ninja in throwing out fireballs, lightning strikes, shockwaves and ice. It is kinda interesting as each ride transports maximum of 4 people and we had to use our hands in parallel movements above the sensors in front of us to throw out elements to kill the Great Devourer. There was a score board in front of us. We were able to compare our scores at the end of the ride. Amazingly, all the younger kids could do better than the older kids and adults!






LOST KINGDOM ADVENTURE (Minimum height 80cm, 2yo)

This is a shooting hunt ride and it is suitable for families. Nothing too complicated. Just take out the gun, aim at the green lights and pull the trigger. It looks easy but not so when you need precision to take aim at the targets.


THE DRAGON APPRENTICE (Minimum height 100cm, 4yo) and THE DRAGON (Minimum height 100cm, 6yo)


This was also the first time No. 3 rode on a roller coaster. I was initially worried about whether he could take it. I really need not be. He loved it! This really made it easier for us to bring him to try out more adventurous rides in the future. Now, we just need to wait for him to grow up to meet the ride requirements to get on the challenging ones! I am happy that Legoland is designed with little ones in mind as The Dragon Apprentice is catered for them while The Dragon caters for the older kids and adults.


These Minilands and structures are simply amazingly built to life! Some have interactive buttons to spurt water and make sounds.




We ended our trip with our family photo at the same old spot at the beautiful Castle Stage. Look how we have changed and how the kids have grown up with each photo!

Legoland family pic

Before we left for dinner with the grandparents, we managed to catch the Awesome Parade for the 5th Brick-Versary celebrations.


We were very lucky that despite the rain, we were able to maximise our visit to the 2 parks. Legoland Malaysia, we will certainly be back! You have already become a memorable and favourite place for our family, especially when we have witnessed how Legoland Malaysia has been a part of our kids’ growing up years!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, LEGOLAND MALAYSIA! May you always be as AWESOME a place for all of us as ever!

More information:
Park Opening Hours –
Water Park – 10am to 6pm daily
Theme Park – 10am to 6pm (Mon – Thurs), 10am to 7pm (Fri – Sun)
Do check here for ride closure and maintenance schedule before you book your tickets over here.

Disclaimer: We were invited to celebrate Legoland 5th Brick-Versary. Thank you Legoland Malaysia and the organisers for the awesome fun we have together.